Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bebek Bengil

We walked all the way in to the end of the shop and got the table with the best view.

I wouldn't say it is the best view but hey if it's facing a paddy field, why not. I did my research and found this to be a "popular duck place in Ubud". But I think otherwise...

Crispy Duck Set (IDR125k-135k)

A very expensive crispy duck set. I've never had such a bad duck before I did not even want a second bite. It smells so stinky, rather gamey and the taste was absolutely unacceptable. The duck is very very crispy though. What's the point of taking a bite of the crispy duck when the actual meat tastes so bad. I made myself eat more than 3 bites by covering it with loads of chilli.

Gado Gado (IDR50k++)

Very tiny miserable set that comes with somewhat expired tofu. The tofu and duck tastes equally as bad! I had the tofu with a lot of the brown sauce but it did not help to cover the taste. I swear something isn't right with the tofu so to avoid food poisoning, we did not eat it. This is not my first time having gado gado / tofu, it's definitely not the regular tofu taste.

I miss what we had at Bebek Tepi Sawah... This is no where close to it. The only reason we came to Bebek Bengil was due to convenience. What's shocking is the price as well - I never expected it to be so expensive! 

Thank goodness for chilli platter....

I should have already known their quality had gone downhill when I saw multiple coaches of tourists coming to this place... I believe they were probably something, but I guess not anymore since they are "too famous" now..

Likes: The view
Dislikes: Expensive & inedible food. The famous crispy duck is a disappointment. Gado gado is inedible... I just can't believe that this shop existed since 1990. Is it just that one time or they happen to taste like that? Inconsistency? I wouldn't know, as I will never return. If this isn't my preference, I will admit it is noy my preference. But I would like to clarify that this is not just not my preference, the gamey meat shouldn't even be served in the first place.

Bebek Bengil
Padang Tegal,
Jl. Hanoman
Bali 80571
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 10.30pm

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