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This restaurant is still considered fairly new in Bali. It's in Seminyak and it's just across from Seminyak Square.

Bloodless Martini (IDR120k)

This is the perfect drink to start off - it's light, hint of fresh tomato juice and chilli. The perfect combination as it is very refreshing and opens up appetite.

Old Nutcracker (IDR130k)

For somebody who likes a man drink...

Hot Lips, Chocolate Kiss (IDR120k)

The beautiful drink where it's possibly the most Instagram/picture worthy..

Tea Merchant (IDR120k)

Gin based tea cocktail.. A very refreshing touch.

East Side (IDR120k)

This is rather on the light side - but in terms of refreshing I would say it's one of the best among all. Elderflower and cucumber creates a very subtle and mild element.

Bikini Island Iced Tea (IDR130k)

One of the most interesting Long Island Ice Tea I've ever had - possibly one of the best!! They don't use coke at all!! It's nice, fruity and light, so much so that you don't even feel like you're drinking something so heavy. You only need 2 glasses to feel the kick (some people may even feel it after 1!). I thought it was the strongest among all of the cocktails I've tried.

Oyster Cracker (IDR64k)

I felt this was my least favourite of all... It's beautiful, nicely presented, but I taste no oyster at all. It was just a regular cracker.

Foie Gras Cigar (IDR60k each)

On the contrary, this was my favourite for the night. It's so artsy fartsy, picture worthy, and boy I could really taste foie gras! 

Empanada (IDR80k each)

Wagyu rendang empanadas, I honestly could not tell what type of beef I'm having - the spices are too strong it's basically just beef. I would give this a skip, it's too average.

Baby Corn (IDR40k)

This breaded corn is simple but the taste of corn was stronger than I thought! Very crunchy outside and soft inside...

Ceviche (IDR100k)

This is one interesting ceviche that uses sambal. The white "gelato" like figure is actually chilli ice. It's not spicy but gives a nice cold chilli aroma on your tongue.

Cream Corn (IDR60k)

This is really confusing - the puffed pork skin is fluffy like cake, the corn and bacon is just buttery. It feel like a fusion sweet and savoury dish.

Popcorn Chicken (IDR110k)

This popcorn chicken is mindblowingly good! Popcorn chicken must've been coated with honey and boy the mayo that comes with it... Similar to sciracha mayo (or maybe it is?).

Chocolate Fondant (95k)

This takes about 20 minutes - order in advance just before your meal ends. The cake is soft and fluffy, unlike the usual fondant you normally have where there is a layer of crustiness. 

Likes: Most of the food we had were amazing, cocktails are even better! Really love the ambience, cocktails and staffs over here. Will definitely return to try other food!
Dislikes: Hits and misses, just won't order some of the items again. Some may find it to be a bit too pricey for Balinese standards, which is true.

Bikini Restaurant Bali  
Jalan Kayu Cendana,
Kerobokan Kelod
Bali 80361
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 12am

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