Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour

This bar adopts the clinic / laboratory theme where you get "doctors" in lab coats to serve you drinks. Brilliant concept and that is about it...

They are apparently famous because they carry many types of gin which can cater to gin lovers. Unfortunately, not so much if you're a cocktail person.

I did not know what I've ordered - this was based on recommendation and I trusted the guy who took our order that this is one of the "popular cocktail".... Which turns out to be almost non-existent gin (certified by a friend who doesn't drink more than a glass of cocktail), basically just grapefruit juice with ice. And boy a glass of cocktail starts from HKD120 ~ HKD150! See how much it costs for those gimmicks.

I got me wondering how on earth did they get to Asia's Top 50 bars. I did not even feel like giving them a second chance - I told the guy who took our order that this is a diluted fruit juice and he went oh it's supposed to be like that. Great... I won't spend another quid then...

Likes: Great theme, beautiful interior
Dislikes: Lousy drinks though, really lousy overpriced drinks and really unfit to be in Asia's Top 50 list

Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour  
Shop B31A,
First Basement Floor
Landmark Atrium
15 Queen’s Road
Hong Kong
Opening Hours
Daily 2pm - 1am
Dr. Fern's Page
Dr. Fern's on Facebook

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