Saturday, September 16, 2017

Naughty Nuri's

Pork Ribs (RM49)

I can't think of anywhere else in Klang Valley to satisfy my pork ribs cravings - I've tried various other places but honestly speaking my favourite is still Nuri's. I know people tend to compare this to Bali's version, but hey, I've tried Ubud's version too and I found myself enjoying Malaysia's version more. When I first had Nuri's in KL, I love it already even before trying the original in Ubud.

The sauce tastes almost the same as Bali's and the meat falls off the bone, unlike the one in Ubud. At least what we had in Bali did not fall off the bones... KL's ribs were much more tender as compared to the version in Ubud where it was a little overcooked. Notice the layer of glaze after grilling? We did not get the same glaze in Ubud, hence, the meat is tad bit dry. 

So why travel all the way to Ubud when you can have it in KL?! On a side note, their pork is imported all the way from Spain... Even better!

Only in Live Centre, you can satisfy your alcoholic friends with Flaming Lambo Chicken for only RM42!!! It gives a really nice aroma to the grilled chicken, so it's fit for non-alcoholic friends too don't worry. They won't get drunk from it...

The actual item looks just like what we see in photos!!

The chicken is served right on your table and *drumrollsss* please get ready your phones with Boomerang, Instagram, Snapchat, Instastory!! You only get 3-4 seconds of it so don't miss it!

The size of the chicken is not too huge so it's good for sharing. There's a chunk of stuffing in the chicken which makes it smells so good...

This is not to be missed - mee goreng with siu yuk!! (RM25)

Nuri's Punch is the latest addition to the menu. For RM28.80 you get a whole jug to share, or you can choose not to share... 

Mojito is boring without Asam Boi... Try their signature Asam Boi Mojito for only RM29... Well this is the only drink I normally would order whenever I visit Nuri's... It is dangerously addictive!!

P/S: Take a quick sip before the ice melts!!

I'm quite confused with their promotions and I've finally got an answer. You may see a different menu and promotion in every outlet. I went around searching about Nuri's Dulang lunch but I never got a proper answer from the search. They do it from time to time and only in specific branches. As of today, they have the Dulang Lunch only at Life Centre during lunch hours. The reason I wanted to know is because there isn't any place in Klang Valley that could satisfy my Balinese Nasi Campur cravings. There you go, now you know there's one in the heart of KL!

Check out the latest menu (Sept 2017)

Naughty Nuri's Life Centre  
Lot G-05,
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours 
Daily 11am - 12am

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  1. This chicken looks absolutely amazing, I really wish I find something like this in my town so I can try it. This is a really great review, good job!

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