Thursday, September 21, 2017

Yung Kee 鏞記酒家

Century Egg (HKD72)

In HK, it's a must to have century egg. It's somewhat different from what we get back home where the yolk area is usually harden up. It's so bad for cholesterol, but bad food are usually the best food!!!

P/S: The yolk totally melts in the mouth omg....

Pork Belly served with Pine Nuts (HKD250)

We came just for the roast goose. Initially, we were supposed to dine at Yat Lok but they ran out of goose for 6 pax. Yung Kee was able to, hence we ended up here. We thought we should try other dishes too - so we opted for the pork belly. We were really fortunate to have ordered this as it was probably the last few portions.

This pork belly was perfectly braised, not too soft where the fats and meat are all still intact, yet soft enough to melt in the mouth!! I don't usually take fats but I ate the entire piece! We wanted to add another portion but too bad they ran out of it. To be honest, it's definitely pricey for such a small portion - size is no bigger than an Iphone 6s, but not in terms of thickness.

Tofu with Mushrooms topped with shrimp roe (HKD170)

This looks like a bland plate of brown tasteless tofu but don't judge the dish just by one picture. The tofu is braised and topped with generous amount of shrimp roe which gave a hint of seafood taste so it's definitely more interesting....

Vegetable (HKD150)

It's wonderful that they actually make an effort to decorate the food...

Half Goose (HKD300)

We waited close to 45 minutes for the goose... It was the "main" dish for the night and obviously we had really high expectations. All of us thought that goose are usually larger and fatter, Yung Kee's version came slightly smaller than we thought. 

Their roast goose is something so different - it has a huge stuffing in the middle and has lots of beans with it. Skin is not as crispy as expected. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the goose - we thought it's nice to have but it probably isn't the best in HK.

Here's the damage which I can barely read half of it. I wonder if we've been charged correctly hmm!

Likes: Good choices of Cantonese food.. Not bad goose (better than the ones we get out of HK but I'm sure there are better)
Dislikes: A little overpriced....

Yung Kee
2-40 Wellington St,
Hong Kong
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 11.30pm
Yung Kee's Page
Yung Kee on Facebook


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