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So we opted for the 7 dishes, but we definitely had more than 7 with the amount of bite size dishes they offered before our actual meal.

Apart from the great dishes that they have to offer, unfortunately I was not too happy with the service. They tend to bring out the next dish even before I was done with the current. I find it to be absolutely unprofessional to be putting the next dish right in my face when I was still eating the current. It gave me the impression that I had to hurry up and get done with it. Or what, is this supposed to be Chinese food where all dishes are placed on the table? I can't help it but to raise this to the waitress who served us. On a positive note, they got the point immediately and acted on it.

All bite size came with really interesting combination of local produce. Betel leaf, coconut shavings, lemongrass and some other herbs, served with sea salt on the side.

Deep fried spinach? Well it's really crispy and not quite possible to tell what veggie is that.

I can't remember what exactly was this, but we had to pop everything into the mouth as it explodes liquid that tastes like curry leaves out. 

Some black rice cake

Some fusion otak-otak, well just grilled fish paste wrapped with leaves. It was somewhat lukewarm when we opened it. Perhaps it was left on the counter for a little too long, waiting to be served.

The cured meat that melts in the mouth...

This tomato soup is interesting - its hot and its cold. Mmmmm...

Warm bread served with peanut oil, crushed peanuts and sambal. Fortunately, the bread arrived hot...

Indonesian Ceviche - Raw with with broth

Rich creamy broth, did not taste the raw fishy smell which was perfect!

Steak Tartar - Raw beef with various local produces

Possibly the only dish I did not enjoy - beef was marinated with too much pepper? I thought the pickles at the side was an awful combination. Sourness and heavily peppered raw beef - not too sure about that.

Squid in Black - Baby squid

I don't normally eat squid but this was perfectly done!! Very very tender squid...

Into the Sawah - Duck egg served on a bed of rice and some beautiful flowers

The most beautiful dish of all. I like how the yolk is cooked perfectly - it oozes out when you poke it but not too quickly and it hits straight to the spoon when you scoop it. Lying on a bed of locally produced Tegallalang rice and garnished with local edible flowers.

Sop Kaki Kambing - Goat leg, tomato celery

As compared to the ceviche soup, this is less creamy, clear soup with lamb which is not gamey. I thought this was just nice, not too heavy.

Gule Ikan

Simple piece of fish served with thick gravy.

Not only they have appetisers before the main course, they also have it for desserts! 

Roti Srikaya - Pandan, coconut brioche

I thought this was really normal. A playful mixture of pandan and coconut, which was not particularly impressive as these two ingredients are commonly used within Southeast Asia (or at least Malaysia & Thailand). Nevertheless, it's a clever combination and it will definitely impress those who are not exposed to these. Not to be mistaken, I actually enjoyed it.

Mousse garnished with white ixora.

Chocolate truffles? I thought so..

Lastly the most beautiful one - the flower drink. We were supposed to pour the drink from the vase and eat it with the flower. Well I just drank it without eating the flower....

Though there were a few shortcomingss, in general I actually like this place very much and thought they totally deserve a spot in Asia's Top 50 list! Also the highest climber by far... 

Likes: Small and easy to find. The courses are about right with some hits and misses, but mostly hits. 
Dislikes: Service could be improved, hopefully. Reservation is difficult unless you book 2-3 months ahead.

Restaurant Locavore  
Jalan Dewisita No.10,
Bali 80571
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 2pm; 6.30pm - 11.30pm
Closed on Sundays

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