Sunday, October 15, 2017

Shin Nihon 新日本焼肉党

Wagyu Sushi (RM9 per piece)

The new "beef" place in Hartamas that's gaining fair bit of attention....

Roasted Wagyu Sushi (RM10 per piece)

Try the sushi for a change - where it's not fish.... I prefer the lightly torched version instead, did not like it too raw.. Good try though, something different.

Thick Cut Tongue (RM35)

Two friends from different groups insisted that I have to visit because their beef is really good. I found it to be better than most joints in Klang Valley, definitely better than the Koreans.... I don't really want to spoil the surprise for you but expect some surprises like melt-in-the-mouth, perfect cuts, and just nicely grilled (highly depends on the person who cooks it for your though!). I found the thick cut tongue to be my favourite actually!

Their beef looks more marbled as compared to those you get in Korean BBQ shops..

Kale Salad (RM26)

They have food from low to expensive range.. If you're feeling broke and craving for beef, there are individual options as well.

Braised Beef with Daikon Stew (RM26)

I really like the beef and daikon stew - very tender and broth is super flavourful. But it was certainly way too flavourful my throat cried for help just about half an hour after food. The amount of MSG in this bowl is just unbeliveable.. Don't finish the broth even if it's tasty, unless you want to leave thirsty.

Roast Beef Rice Bowl (RM26)

For those who are looking for economical quality beef dons... See, this is good for your wallet and tummy...

For those who wants to splurge on meat....

Likes: Good quality beef - a bit pricey but rest assured it's quality they serve. They have a good range of low and high end choices....
Dislikes: Nothing at the moment...

SHIN NIHON 新日本焼肉党 
No 26-G, Jalan 24/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 5.3pm - 1am
Sat & Sun 12pm - 2.30pm
Shin Nihon's Page
Shin Nihon on Facebook

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  1. Looks like you are going to have a great meal haha. If I do find the time then I will definitely follow this recipe and try to make this for myself too.