Saturday, December 30, 2017

Burger & Lobster

Not my first time having Burger & Lobster in London - but it's definitely my first in Mayfair. Back then, it was so much easier for people with difficulties to choose as the menu was limited to burger or lobster, grilled or steamed.

Now, they started to offer different items so we got ourselves the 1.5 pounds lobster for £40 to share. It's impossible to finish one by myself.

The only downside of Mayfair's branch is the service. It's absolutely horrid - the staffs wouldn't give us the menu and when we asked they threw a sarcastic remark that made us sound like we are impatient. Hello, we have been seated for 10 minutes and still no menu.

When we wanted to order, we had to signal 3 times before they came. Again, the same sarcastic remark that we were being impatient, after 15 minutes of sitting and staring at the menu with nobody attending to us.

When we asked for recommendation she insisted that we order two - we told her that we just had some food before coming so it's not possible for us to eat so much. She insisted that we were wrong until the food arrived. It was good to share, we know ourselves more.. What kind of wait staffs would recommend something that customers know they don't want..

And here you go, the bill that came with a sarcastic remark when we asked for it too. This is a good place, but ruined by the horrible service. The only reason for us to visit the branch in Mayfair is because it's the nearest from our hotel. Otherwise, I would rather visit other branches than this one who treats their customers very unfairly, especially if you're on a different skin colour - this is purely by observation.

Likes: Fresh lobster, good portion
Dislikes: Service that cannot sustain without throwing sarcastic remarks to their customers. They take a super long time to attend to you, both wait staff and manager have the same bloody attitude.

Burger & Lobster Mayfair  
29 Clarges St,
London W1J 7EF
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 10.30pm
Sunday 12pm - 8pm
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