Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Suding Xiang Hot Pot 蜀鼎香重庆火锅

Found this place as I was browsing through Eatigo app and I was craving for steamboat. You can opt for two types of broth so we had the pork bone and spicy Sichuan broth.

I like the condiments and sauces that they provide. Most importantly they have fried garlic and coriander!!

The lime chilli on the right is good stuff. It's so spicy it burns!

They kept trying to sell this can of spicy powder but there is an extra charge of RM3 per can. I think what they have was already sufficient or else I'll have to sleep in the toilet cubicle!

The noodles they recommended. Please, just do not order this at all. It's just longer and thicker version of pan mee which is too chewy. You're basically just eating thick flour... Not springy at all.

They have quite limited meat fresh meat or meatball choices. Plenty of innards and processed food. I really love the broth, but it would be better to see homemade meatballs in the menu...

I doubt I am in a hurry to return. It's not cheap to begin with, and by offering so many types of frozen processed food and innards, I would probably not think of this place if I crave for hotpot. It's sad to see good broth but lack of fresh meat...

Likes: Very good broth, sauces and service. Good for those who love innards....
Dislikes: Homemade noodle is terrible, prices aren't exactly cheap, too many frozen meatballs/tofu in the menu

Suding Xiang Hot Pot 蜀鼎香重庆火锅
VR3-1-1 Sunway Velocity
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 10pm

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