Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shelley Yu's

You know how new establishments are trying very hard to squeeze every cent out of their customer? This is just one of it.... They brand themselves as local eats, offering cocktails with lots of local influence plants and herbs.

But none of their cocktails are memorable. They were either diluted, lack of alcohol content or just nothing but fruit juice. 

Their drinks are not cheap either, starts from RM30. What's the point of telling people you have plenty of local spices choices but... Your drink is neither here nor there???

Either it comes really tiny glass that will be gone after 6-7 sips and can't taste any alcohol, or a huge glass filled with fruit punch and too much ice. Where is the alcohol again??

Pai Tee (RM22)

Not only the drinks are not on par. Even the food isn't. Ever had pai tee where the hats are just not crispy at all? Yes it's beautiful, but RM22 for 6 pieces of non-crispy, 1 prawn sliced into 6 tiny pieces and placed on the fillings, isn't that pathetic?

Nyonya Chicken Curry (RM28)

This was just really normal, like bulk cooking - remove it from the freezer when somebody orders, heat it up with the microwave, garnish and serve. What is this...

Okra (RM20)

Ikan Goreng Chilli (RM50)

The fish that barely has any meat. It is so very tiny that, it's just unbelievable. The size meant for one pax, seriously for that kind of price it's just ridiculous. If you want to add sambal? You have to pay even more!

Cincalok (RM6)

Same goes to cincalok. PAY.

A meal like this plus a drink each actually came up to RM200++. I don't know which part of the meal is worth that much seriously.... I would rather head to Mum's Place for Peranakan food. This is place just makes you feel good and that is about it - don't bother with the food or drinks, you're just contributing to the concept rather than having proper food.

Likes: Comfortable place but...
Dislikes: Food is not great, expensive and small portion. This place is only selling the concept...

Shelley Yu's
49, Jalan Telawi 3,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm to 12am
Shelley Yu's Page
Shelley Yu's on Facebook

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Tokyo Restaurant

Finally got to try the famous Isetan Lot 10's cheese cake!! They were the ones who made it famous in Klang Valley, practically got some major bakeries/cafe to replicate their burnt cheesecake. 

A slice costs RM18, huge slice with that cream. I swear no other bakeries could copy that spoon of cream. I thought I love the cream more than the cake, what is wrong with me! Nevertheless, the cheesecake is quite heavy so it's good to share with two pax. 

Likes: Love the creaminess, portion is reasonably huge
Dislikes: Nothing

The Tokyo Restaurant
Lot 10
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Bukit Bintang
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 11ppm

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Good Taste Delight 好品味

The place for quick lunch as there are practically no good Chinese food around this area.

This place is actually catered for tourists, you'll notice the number of buses parked outside the shop. The food that they serve the crowd is different for local office crowd.

They basically use lousy frozen chicken so it tastes very off.

But can't really say much to it as it's only RM12ish for a set with rice, egg and soup.

It is the soup that I came here for - the soup is very different from your usual chicken rice shop. The paste in the middle is made out of pounded chicken breast, probably with pepper and salt. It is so fine that it really likes to taufufah!

Soft and fluffy. This soup is really addictive...

Opted for the braised tofu which was alright. 

Likes: Ok for quick lunch, must have the soup!
Dislikes: Don't bother travelling all the way for this, it's really simple food for people around the area, I definitely will not travel for this as the chicken is a waste of time. Can't really complain too much as it's inexpensive and convenient for quick lunch

Good Taste Delight 好品味
25-29, Ground Floor,
Jalan Belia Off Jalan Raja Laut,
50350, Kuala Lumpur
Good Taste Delight 好品味 on Facebook

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Some drinks I had at Coley some time ago. Can't really remember much of it as it wasn't significantly good. But I recalled the experience was okay and yes, I would definitely return for more.

Likes: Simple and small bar
Dislikes: Horrendous parking, almost non-existent, not very friendly bartenders (they were rather cold....), place is a bit too small

Coley Cocktail Bar
8, Jalan Abdullah,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 5pm - 1am
Closed on Sundays
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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Gyukingu Japanese BBQ 牛大王

Salt Beef Tongue (RM34.80)

We've always wanted to visit but never actually made the effort to. It was until one day when they decided to distribute a little discount voucher of 35% so a friend grabbed it and we finally, decided to make our visit.

Saga Wagyu Moriawase (RM265)

This platter is to die for: whatever cuts those are, everything melts in the mouth!

The lady who manages the place, grilled everything for us. It was quite empty as it was still early so she could spend a little more time with us.

Pork Mix Platter (RM35.80)

Try the pork platter as well, if you're still not full. It's just as good as the ones you have in Korean BBQ restaurants, or in fact, much better cuts!

Fried Spinach with Bacon (RM15.90)

After all of those meat, veggie is necessary. I thought this was just normal but boy, never expected those bacon bits to spice up the dish so well!

It's a surprise that they score fairly average on reviews. Unsure why but hey, the beef cuts are all very good and may be a little on the pricey side but at least they don't serve nonsense.

Likes: Good beef, very friendly service (however, this could be different for everyone as the shop was practically empty when we arrived so we had all of their attention to ourselves!)
Dislikes: A little pricey but worth it

Gyukingu Japanese BBQ 牛大王 
42, Jalan 28/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 3pm; 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Gyukingu Japanese BBQ 牛大王 on Facebook

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Zhao Ji Pork Noodle 兆基猪肉粉

Somewhat light version than what I would usually have. The broth is clear and light, I thought it was good if one not feeling too good. Otherwise it may be too bland for one's usual tastebuds. The portion is pretty huge with generous amount of meat and topped with crispy pork lard. Not my most ideal version but alright for everyday's lunch consumption.

Likes: Light and easy to consume
Dislikes: Parking in this area is horrendous

16-34, Jalan Medan Putra 3,
Medan Putra Business Centre
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 7am - 2pm

Thursday, January 25, 2018


This is one long post - be prepared. 25 courses and here is the menu, pretty creative I would say. We dined sometime in Nov 2017, some of the items may have already been replaced.

We had the organic wine as recommended by the sommelier. Not going in details yet about the unprofessional sommelier. I did not enjoy the recommendation as much to be honest, the wine just did not appeal. He poured our first glass of wine and stained the table cloth. Isn't that a very rookie mistake no sommeliers can/should ever do? I had to use the bottle to cover it, can you beat that. You can clearly see it beneath the bottle and the stain on the right of the bottle, regardless of how I have tried to cover it. Completely unapologetic sommelier, great way to start our dinner.

Pink elder flower watermelon

My thoughts: Cold dish, somewhat refreshing Indian spices with fruits and floral taste.
Verdict: Not bad

Yogurt explosion

My thoughts: Yogurt and Indian spices, not much difference if you drink it from a glass. The unique point is that it pops.
Verdict: Not bad

Lick it up - mushroom peas

My thoughts: You have to literally lick the plate from bottom to the top. They played the "Lick It Up" song to go with the dish, but no it wasn't a pleasant experience even though some people thought it was "fun". I don't see how fun this is, no table manners more like it. It wasn't just the whole licking idea, but it just did not taste good.
Verdict: Fail

Tom yum kung

My thoughts: Fried prawn head with cold tom yum ice cream paste; tried too hard... It was just so weird to have cold tom yum. The prawn head was too hard by then, only some parts of it were crispy.
Verdict: Fail

Goat brain - Flower Power

My thoughts: Crispy and oily cookie. That is about it... What goat brain again?
Verdict: Fail

Eggplant cookie

My thoughts: Literally meringue like texture with eggplant and very strong curry leaf flavour
Verdict: Mediocre

Chilly bon bon

My thoughts: A little ball that pops raw chilli juice out, which is honestly disgusting to the maximum like seriously why not just do a cold pressed chilli juice with water
Verdict: Fail

Idly sambhar

My thoughts: Just idly served in a form of a bite. Nothing special at all
Verdict: Mediocre

Banana chicken liver

My thoughts: I could definitely taste the liver, the combination was rather odd, fairly acceptable
Verdict: Mediocre

My thoughts: Probably one of the worst ones in the entire list. Granola wasn't too bad but mixing it with fish is just EW. If you have tried Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil (the white-ish version).. It's basically the SAME crappy fishy taste plus granola. Totally inedible, disgustingly inedible...
Verdict: FAIL.

Gin tonic cucumber uni

My thoughts: My partner did not want to have uni so I had to ask them to substitute. They did not inform us in advance what was the substitute just to "keep the surprise going", but certainly did not meet the expectations. They replaced it with sweet potato puree, that's clearly the vegetarian option. Can they be any lazier? You should replace something that is on par with uni, not some cheap lazy sweet potato. Also, what gin and what tonic? The combination was just horrible I threw the cone away. Poor uni just got wasted.
Verdict: Fail.

Chutoro sushi

My thoughts: Overly salted piece of otoro served on a little meringue biscuit. What a waste of otoro....
Verdict: Mediocre

Foie gras yuzu carrot

My thoughts: A small piece of waffle with pate like texture in the middle. Was it amazing? No, don't try to be like duck and waffle where you think every salty and savoury bit will taste good. It doesn't
Verdict: Fail

Green vegetable matcha

It's green to mask green tea, but none of it is matcha. It looks like matcha but it is not meant to taste like it.

My thoughts: Looks alright? But tastes like crap. Vegetable juice plus Indian herbs is the best way to describe this green nonsense
Verdict: Fail

Pork Vindalo

My thoughts: Just a piece of fried pork. Like pulled pork covered with a thin layer of batter. Err? What is so special about it again?
Verdict: Mediocre

Scallop uncooked curry

My thoughts: A wasted piece of scallop to mix with overly used Indian herbs
Verdict: Fail

Sheek Kebab with mango chutney

My thoughts: Wrap the jelly leaf with the kebab. It was so horrible I almost vomitted the last course out. I have eaten bad kebab in my life and this is one of it - so very gamey it stinks. Fine dining establishments serving these sort of quality makes me wonder where did he pick this useless piece of meat from? It's completely inedible!
Verdict: Fail

Thai green curry

My thoughts: Dehydrated chicken shit with a few overly spicy green curry dots on it... It's literally trying too hard to impress - why innovate so hard but the end product doesn't taste good?
Verdict: Fail

Seabass with bengali mustard

My thoughts: Another failure - the fish is steamed before wrapping with the leave. The fire to burn it is just a "show" to make them look innovative. Your piece of fish is supposed to smell of the oak-wood kind of smell but no, to be frank, a piece of steamed fish is just a piece of steamed fish and it's bland. This is supposed to be a show to impress, but it did not leave an impression because it's tasteless
Verdict: Fail

Charcoal with lotus stem

My thoughts: One of the okay ones - the the chopped lotus stem is somewhat crispy which made it fun to bite
Verdict: Mediocre

Lobster dosa

My thoughts: The Indian dosa / pancake which is too soft. The moment you pick it up, everything falls apart. Who the hell wants something that falls all over the place? Also, the curry was way too spicy for me. Coming from one who eats chilli padi from time to time.
Verdict: Fail

Beetroot rose

My thoughts: Cookie with shredded beetroot and decorated with powder. This is what I call trying to be creative but it's plain lazy. Cookie and beetroot slices, really?
Verdict: Fail

Milk cake with riesling muscat

My thoughts: Looks so beautiful but, the moment one chews on it, the outer layer has this milky rubbery crap that sticks to the teeth. It does not taste good, despite having a very beautiful outer layer
Verdict: Fail

Mango saffron ghewar

My thoughts: One of the better desserts. Like a mango pie
Verdict: Mediocre

Lemon cheesecake

My thoughts: Again, pretty stuff with no substance. It tastes alright, just a pretty version of lemon cheesecake - minus the looks it tastes just like any other lemon cheesecake
Verdict: Mediocre

There were definitely more misses than hits over the 25 courses. Gaggan cares more about the process to create the food and the presentation more than the actual taste of the food. That was the conclusion of this meal. Was it worth the THB5k per person before tax? Certainly not. On top of that, the sommelier definitely did not live up to standards - he needs to go back for basic training, on how not to spill wine when pouring. Also, learn how to apologise when wine is split on the table cloth. The ambience wasn't great either - our seats were so hot I was literally sweating. Nothing seems to be good that night - from food to drinks, to service and all, except for my companion for the night, phew. :)

68/1 Soi Langsuan,
Ploenchit Road Lumpini
Khet Pathum Wan
10330 Bangkok
Opening Hours 
Daily 6pm - 11pm
Gaggan's Page