Sunday, January 21, 2018

American Bar

What it's like to drink in World Number #1 Bar for the year of 2017... It's just another 5 star hotel bar, with a twist of drinks and that's about it?

Gilbert Rumbold (£20)

They have a no reservation policy so we decided to go earlier, just so that the wait will not be too long. In the end, we waited for almost 45 minutes before we could get our seats. To our surprise, the bar was half empty. 45 minutes wait, really?

Blood Diamond (£20)

The staff who served us was very polite and helpful. However, he had to attend to too many tables on his own so it was a bit slow. It was fine for us but just a little frustrating after the 45 minutes wait. Had they put us at the table earlier and with the wait staff being a little slower, wouldn't be much of an issue then.

A Frosty Reception (£20)

Each drink comes with a special coaster and a story. I have to agree that they really do put a lot more effort to make their drinks a lot more presentable.

St Margaret's Chapel (£20)

I've enjoyed all the drinks except for this one where I've returned it. I thought their drinks were good, but it was far too posh and fancy for casual cocktail experience. On the contrary, Manhattan in Singapore is also located in a hotel, similar setting without the jazz performance but a lot more relaxed. I did not enjoy the music either - it was too noisy to have any proper conversation.

The page that got me shocked - £5000 for a glass of Sazerac... If you want your grandchildren to be rich, start collecting alcohol in bulk now and resell it 100 years later!!

Was it to my expectations? I'm not sure. I definitely enjoyed my experience at Connaught Bar and Dandelyan more than American Bar. Not solely because of the long wait, but also the overall experience. We had much more interaction with the crew during our time at the other two bars which made us felt a lot more welcomed. 

Likes: Beautiful cocktails, posh place
Dislikes: Making people wait when the place was half empty

American Bar  
The Savoy Hotel
100 Strand,
London WC2R 0EZ
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 12am
Sunday 12pm - 12am
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