Thursday, January 18, 2018

Backstage Cocktail Bar

This bar can be a little difficult to find - it's located inside Playhaus Thonglor Hotel just in case you need to pinpoint a location with Uber/Grab.

Aphrodisiac (THB340)

Lucky 13th (THB360)

Nuclear Daquiri (THB390)

The Kaiser (THB390)

C&Y (THB340)

A coincidence to have Brian Kientz all the way from Sazerac New Orleans. Since it's a one time off and I probably won't ever meet him again I shall have one of his drinks. To be honest, none of them looks appealing to me. I don't like absinthe, fizzy drinks (or you can call it soda) and basically almost everything has all these ingredients.

With The Hurricane as an exception. I did not know it comes ice...

The Hurricane (THB390)

Likes: Small cosy bar, friendly staffs, Nuclear Daquiri
Dislikes: Nothing

Backstage Cocktail Bar  
PlayHaus Thonglor
205/22-23 Thonglor
Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours
Daily 7pm - 2am
Backstage Cocktail Bar on Facebook

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