Monday, January 29, 2018

Good Taste Delight 好品味

The place for quick lunch as there are practically no good Chinese food around this area.

This place is actually catered for tourists, you'll notice the number of buses parked outside the shop. The food that they serve the crowd is different for local office crowd.

They basically use lousy frozen chicken so it tastes very off.

But can't really say much to it as it's only RM12ish for a set with rice, egg and soup.

It is the soup that I came here for - the soup is very different from your usual chicken rice shop. The paste in the middle is made out of pounded chicken breast, probably with pepper and salt. It is so fine that it really likes to taufufah!

Soft and fluffy. This soup is really addictive...

Opted for the braised tofu which was alright. 

Likes: Ok for quick lunch, must have the soup!
Dislikes: Don't bother travelling all the way for this, it's really simple food for people around the area, I definitely will not travel for this as the chicken is a waste of time. Can't really complain too much as it's inexpensive and convenient for quick lunch

Good Taste Delight 好品味
25-29, Ground Floor,
Jalan Belia Off Jalan Raja Laut,
50350, Kuala Lumpur
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