Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shelley Yu's

You know how new establishments are trying very hard to squeeze every cent out of their customer? This is just one of it.... They brand themselves as local eats, offering cocktails with lots of local influence plants and herbs.

But none of their cocktails are memorable. They were either diluted, lack of alcohol content or just nothing but fruit juice. 

Their drinks are not cheap either, starts from RM30. What's the point of telling people you have plenty of local spices choices but... Your drink is neither here nor there???

Either it comes really tiny glass that will be gone after 6-7 sips and can't taste any alcohol, or a huge glass filled with fruit punch and too much ice. Where is the alcohol again??

Pai Tee (RM22)

Not only the drinks are not on par. Even the food isn't. Ever had pai tee where the hats are just not crispy at all? Yes it's beautiful, but RM22 for 6 pieces of non-crispy, 1 prawn sliced into 6 tiny pieces and placed on the fillings, isn't that pathetic?

Nyonya Chicken Curry (RM28)

This was just really normal, like bulk cooking - remove it from the freezer when somebody orders, heat it up with the microwave, garnish and serve. What is this...

Okra (RM20)

Ikan Goreng Chilli (RM50)

The fish that barely has any meat. It is so very tiny that, it's just unbelievable. The size meant for one pax, seriously for that kind of price it's just ridiculous. If you want to add sambal? You have to pay even more!

Cincalok (RM6)

Same goes to cincalok. PAY.

A meal like this plus a drink each actually came up to RM200++. I don't know which part of the meal is worth that much seriously.... I would rather head to Mum's Place for Peranakan food. This is place just makes you feel good and that is about it - don't bother with the food or drinks, you're just contributing to the concept rather than having proper food.

Likes: Comfortable place but...
Dislikes: Food is not great, expensive and small portion. This place is only selling the concept...

Shelley Yu's
49, Jalan Telawi 3,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm to 12am
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