Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Nickel Bar

A very unusual hotel bar that's in  The Ned. Very beautiful and vintage setting, not just the bar but the entire hotel.

Nedgroni (£11)

Similar to Negroni, but The Ned's rendition where it's more floral and fruity.

Clover 75 (£13.50)

Champagne based frizzy cocktail which is a great starter. It's quite light and females will definitely love this refreshing drink!

I'm quite surprised that they serve pretty decent cocktails and not too expensive. I thought it would have been more since it's a 5 star hotel bar. Good thing that it's reasonably priced!

Likes: Beautiful design, reasonable cocktail prices, good drinks
Dislikes: Have to pay whenever our drink arrives or they hold our card at the bar which is really ridiculous. We were seated at the bar seats, and we told them upfront that we have a lunch reservation at Cecconi's, so what kind of absurd house rule is this..

The Nickel Bar  
The Ned,
27 Poultry,
London EC2R 8AJ
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8am - 2am
Sat 9am - 2am
Sun 9am - 12am

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