Sunday, February 4, 2018

As You Like HK Chicken Pot 香港隨變燒烤麻辣雞煲

Century Egg (RM18)

Two things they serve that I love - hotpot and yakitori. Can't deny that century egg either! The century egg is somewhat different - it's very typical Chinese style, mixed with garlic and China malat chilli oil. Not bad but first time having some combi.

Grilled Beef Tongue (RM22)

There is only one thing I could say about their skewers - it's a rip off. RM22 for one skewer is extremely expensive! On top of that it's super chewy and just tough like eating some rock. Yakitori Fukuda's beef tongue is not even that expensive. Shin Nihon's tongue? RM35 for a whole block. This RM22 stick is not only bad in quality, it's just overpriced.

Chicken Soup Pot (RM58)

The price comes with half chicken, lots of parsley and the broth is rather thick. It's not like the usual hotpot, so ordering extras at the sides should be controlled as this chicken itself is already very filling. We made a mistake by over order, as usual. 

The chicken comes in different levels of spiciness and by spicy I meant the Chinese malat style. You'll find lots of peppercorn and it numbs your tongue! We have already ordered the mildest and yet we find it very difficult to handle. Bring your own personal milk if you need help with chilling - their drinks are quite pricey. RM16 for a jug of herbal tea, I'm not sure.

Some of the items for hotpot. I suggest to reduce a few hotpot items as the chicken pot doesn't seem to be too suitable to add too many things in it.

Likes: Different style hotpot, nice Sichuan flavours
Dislikes: Some hits and misses, rather pricey, could revisit some of their prices as it's ridiculously priced

As You Like HK Chicken Pot 香港隨變燒烤麻辣雞煲
13, Jalan Solaris 2,
Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 6pm - 4am

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