Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Banh Mi 25

One of the popular Banh Mi where everyone deemed as "the best" according to the internet, so we decide to pop by and try some of their sandwiches. We ordered the standard banhmi pate (VND15k) and banhmi barbequed pork with pate (VND20k). 

The little store where they prepare their snadwiches.

There is a little cafe next to the store which is also part of Banh Mi 25, and they have tables and stools for you to sit and enjoy your banhmi.

What we had in Ho Chi Minh was a little different - theirs doesn't come with cheese and they don't serve roast pork. The pate version is very little and stingy to be honest so it was the "best", I thought. If you've tried Huynh Hoa you'll get what I mean. Huynh Hoa is definitely more expensive but they are generous with it. Perhaps you could ask for additional fillings and pay for it, lack of fillings made the sandwich rather difficult to eat as it's really dry. The one thing that did not disappoint was the baguette. Very crispy!!

Likes: Reasonably cheap, great place to try local banhmi if you haven't
Dislikes: Meat portion a bit too stingy, but can try to ask if they could give additional pate - just pay for it

Bánh Mì 25
25 Hàng Cá,
Hàng Bồ,
Hoàn Kiếm
Hanoi Vietnam
Opening Hours
Daily 7am - 9pm
Banh Mi 25 on Facebook

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