Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bun Cha Dac Kim

 The bun cha place we found through Foursquare. We happen to be about 5 minutes away so we decided to pop by to try some local food. Ordering is an issue because they don't seem to be able to speak in English. I think they only serve two items and that is seen on everyone's table... There is no menu or price so they are free to charge however they want to? That was the feeling I got from my experience here. Let's get to it...

 Bun Cha (VND60k)

Some grilled pork meat in sweet soup. It tastes delicious but I can't get the dirty black bits off my head so I barely drank the broth.

 Spring Rolls (VND100k)

It was alright, it came piping hot but the skin was not crispy - it was dry like paper? I don't know but I found the skin to be difficult to consume.

This is what you see on most tables. Few things to note - the cleanliness is an issue. The vegetables doesn't look like it had been washed thoroughly. It came from the section that looks horribly awful and smelly. The chilli and garlic on everyone's table does not have a spoon to scoop so everyone just dig in it with their used chopsticks!! Oh my god, the sight of the man next to us is still in my head. And they seem to be fine transferring their saliva and germs for the next customer!! Bring your own garlic and chilli if you have to???

Also, their calculation is bad. I've read online that the Bun Cha costs VND60k and spring rolls are VND15k each or about VND90k per plate. How did ours gone up to VND100k? Not to mentioned, we were charged VND500k++ initially but I felt something wasn't right so I insisted that she recalculate it. It turns out to be a lot lesser? I went on TripAdvisor to check and it seems like we were not the only ones who had such problems - they tend to mark up thinking that tourists will not realise it... Beware, as they are prone to cheating!

All in all, no matter how good the food is, cleanliness and honesty is an issue, therefore I will not recommend / return for it again.

Likes: Great local snack
Dislikes: Cleanliness, honesty (beware, as they will charge more. Insist for an itemised receipt and ask them for the price before ordering...), poorly kept place

Bun Cha Dac Kim
1 Hàng Mành,
Hàng Gai,
Hoàn Kiếm,
Hanoi Vietnam
Opening Hours
Daily 9am - 9pm

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