Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cafe Giang

 I think Hanoi has this no menu policy so they can price it however they want to?? Another place that does not have a menu with price. 
 The egg coffee that looks the same, regardless if it's chocolate or the version with rum. Yes it's fluffy and creamy but...

 There is no difference with the cocktails that I usually order?? Hot, fluffy, creamy, and the version with rum is really strong! I thought it was just alright and really nothing to shout about. I could get such fluffy eggy just by ordering cocktails in any bar anyway?? And I personally like my coffee without egg. I've tried, I've tested it but it's really not my kind of thing.

Likes: Good rum portion for the alcoholic version!
Dislikes: Nothing special at all and the place is very dirty. Not the best place to chill.. But if that's authentic Vietnamese Egg Coffee then you could try it at least once. Also not a place I would return/recommend.

Giảng Cafe
39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân, 
Hàng Bạc
Hoàn Kiếm
Hanoi Vietnam
Opening Hours
Daily 7am - 10pm

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