Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fish Head Noodle @ Jalan Kijang

Some random fish head noodle shop under the tree opposite Pudu Plaza's side entrance (right opposite the bus/taxi stop). There's no signboard, not in a shoplot but it's just a small little make shift store. Simple, cheap but not the most comfortable place to dine. I thought what made it more interesting is that the food tastes like it's cooked by a local but it is actually cooked and managed by a foreign couple! Nothing special but the local crowd loves it and they have their regular morning crowd.

If you happen to be in Pudu and you run out of ideas, try this out! But it's seriously so hot that you may sweat so make sure you don't have an appointment with your client after lunch!

Likes: Value-friendly, reasonably priced and most importantly it tastes good
Dislikes: Not a proper shop, very hot, not a place to chill

Fish Head Noodle @ Jalan Kijang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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