Saturday, February 17, 2018

Polite & Co

Bowl of Pho (VND200k)

I came here for this. Beautifully written and crafted but it's nothing but a bowl of sugar. Lack of pho taste, the eggwhite basically took the taste of the pho away. It's a creamy sugary drink and that's it - lack of spices and taste. It did not live up to the price and this isn't the place I would go for a pho cocktail, unfortunately. However, it's a great drink to feed your camera.

If you really have to go - visit earlier. Anything later than 9pm is a stinky, non-existent service, horrible overpriced cocktail bar. Perhaps the quality is different when there's lesser people. This beautiful place only left a bad impression as it was badly managed.

Likes: Beautiful place, creative drinks but...
Dislikes: The drinks did not live up to the description. It was either too sweet or too bland... The bar was so packed that you cannot even engage with a bartender. It takes 30 minutes minumum for a drink to arrive.. Smoking is allowed in the tiny space causing the entire place to be so smelly.

Polite & Co
5b Ngõ Bảo Khánh,
Hoàn Kiếm,
Hanoi, 111000
Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs 8.30am - 12am
Fri & Sat 8.30am - 2am
Sun 8.30am - 1am

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