Friday, February 2, 2018

Spring Deer 鹿鳴春飯店

Eggwhite with fish paste (HKD100)

A friend recommended this restaurant where it's one of those filled with locals. True indeed, if we hadn't booked a table we wouldn't have gotten one. Even with a reservation we had to wait for 30 minutes!

Complimentary pickled cabbage

Based on the recommendation, some of the items that is a must to order - the peking duck, fried beef and shark's fin with chicken soup. I thought I should be more responsible so I did not order the shark's fin, if I have the choice not to order I will not.

Wintermelon soup with Yunnan dry-cured ham (HKD117)

Fried rice (HKD70)

Either we are hungry, or the fried rice is really good! Great wok hei, simple ingredients and comfort food. Instead of having a second portion, we had the fried noodle which we thought it would be very expensive since there's sea cucumber, seafood and all but the noodle was only about HKD70++!!!

Deep fried tofu with shrimp roe (HKD78)

Deep fried shredded beef (HKD120)

As recommended, I kinda knew why this is so good. Deep fried shredded beef with chillies and garlic. The crispy texture with slight spiciness is extremely addictive... It can be a snack by itself!

..stuffed in pocket sesame pastries (HKD24)!

Peking duck (HKD420)

We missed out the whole slicing session as we were seated on the inside row. Nevertheless, the crispy skin, the layer of fats and the succulent duck meat is their signature dish!

Wawa cabbage (HKD117)

Messy, but yummy.... No fancy table cloth or Michelin stars but that's Chinese food.

Fried dough (HKD60)

This was on everyone's table so we decided to get it anyway. Round, soft, fluffy and warm. It's similar to doughnut but a lot softer, like a pillow. The amount of sugar on it was ridiculous so we swept it to the side.. Other than that, this little dough is just addictive as heck!

Not a fancy place... You've been warned!

Look for this signboard....

I could not understand this bill but oh well, this is for your reference. Pretty decent meal with two bottles of wine for 7 pax!

Likes: Good Chinese food, local vibes, very good service too surprisingly.
Dislikes: Reservation doesn't really mean anything... You'll still have to wait, but a little shorter I suppose.

Spring Deer
42 Mody Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 2pm; 6pm - 11pm

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