Monday, March 5, 2018

Halong Bay Tour

Some one day tour we booked at Hanoi. This is the tour that I've regretted a lot - going to Halong Bay without staying is like a touch and go thing. There were a lot of activities which were not included for one day tours. Even the kayaking session was a scam - the tide was already too high by the time we arrived so we did not get to see the main cave. Such a waste of time...

Here's what to expect if you land on a one day tour you've booked in Hanoi.

Some local eats which looks absolutely unappetising, but it was surprising good simply because the food were served hot. You get a whole seafood spread with some vegetables and poultry dishes too. I guess to the locals, this is considered as a very luxury treat already. Contented with the food provided, and possibly the only thing that I've enjoyed throughout the whole tour. 

We booked the 2nd level tour (not the most expensive one), which they called it luxury. Don't know what is the difference but I doubt there is any "luxury" in it - so much time wasted to pick passengers, change buses and get people settled down. The actual time spent in the bus is around 4-5 hours one way. So the actual tour time is 3-4 hours tops? 

At the end of the tour while we were heading towards the jetty, local Vietnamese wine.

These were most of the views. Not the famous one where you have to climb 400++ steps to get all the way up there to snap the nicest photo of Halong Bay. It was not included for I don't know what reasons.. Too bad. So avoid these one day tours at all costs... You don't get to see/experience the true beauty of Halong Bay.

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