Friday, March 2, 2018


A little throwback to my favourite bar in Hong Kong. The signature drink!

We were there in a large group so I got to try many cocktails for the night but this was the most memorable - cocktail of the month! It tastes a lot like long island without ice but served in a tiny glass so it is extremely dangerous! It's a great casual place to hangout, a small place with limited tables so I wouldn't recommend a large group visit. Better off dating someone at sit at the bar instead :)

PS: If you are contemplating between The Old Man & Quinary - Forget about The Old Man. Customers aren't treated with respect in the other bar, despite how good the drinks are... It's a turn off.

Likes: Simple with limited funny decorations on the cocktail as they focus more on the drink quality. Very friendly staffs as well
Dislikes: Nothing! - this is an amazing place to be for drinks! (Better than the overly busy Stockton!)

56-58 Hollywood Rd,
Hong Kong
Opening Hours
Daily 5pm - 1am
Closed on Sundays
Quinary's Page
Quinary on Facebook

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